So many people have helped me with Jirale, the website, the pages, and have inspired me so are my thanks:

My dear sis'. If it weren't for her, I'd be half the artist I am now, she has helped me with her constructive criticism and has always inspired me to make the comic a bit more funny. Just about EVERY omake has been her idea



The First Artist I ever knew. ^__^

For humoring a bored girl on the other side of the world  ^^;;

Wilson Poirier

He's taught me a bunch about making websites and managing my computer. Wilson's also a good friend. Thank you so much!

Everyone ELSE who has listened to my insane ramblings

The Utena Gentlemen Website
Their layout inspired the layout that would eventually lead me to this one, and they introduced me to the gods who are the Afghan Whigs. Most 'character songs' are from their songs.

JBJ's Digital Kingdom
Where I have harvested all those brilliant Afghan Whig lyrics you see on the character pages. Except for Gail's (as far as I remember, I got that poem in a chain-mail), and Cheng's

Character Songs
All songs that aren't listed below were created by the Afghan Whigs, I had no hand in their creation
Touched - Cheng's Song - VAST

Gail's Poem - Unknown, and FragileMuse

Where I've harvested all the brushes used for the background and other little parts of this web-page. Thanks a bunch to you, they're really great brushes!