Main Characters


Itchtake Karees     -Before, I thought my soul was mine
                   Now I think about me only when I have the time

Age: 13
Height: 5'3
Hair: Red brown
Eyes: Moss green
Relatives: Yuki Yarla, Jess Karees
Origins: Jirale

Itch, the leading, most important character in this story. She brings us with her on her journey into the darkness.
Itchtake's mother was killed when she was three years old, and even though she was young, she still remembers her mother vividly. She was lucky to have been found by Yuki so soon afterwards, and he took her away from there, to train on his ship. Before bringing her to his own school, Yuki tried to get Itchtake into other school, but because she was such a violent child, she wasn't accepted into any of them. Finally, in a last attempt to school Itch and take care of her, Yuki enrolls her as a student in the school he runs- a school only for boys. There, she must pretend to be a boy and is one of the first students. She meets the first student, Gail Anyos, who instantly becomes her rival- until the day that she defeats Gail in single combat when they become best friends.
Ten years after the death of her mother, Itchtake's new home is invaded by the Sail army, her friends are all killed, and just as Yuki lays dying at the blade of Finlander, he reveals to her that he is her father.
And with his dying wish, she takes a secret suit of armor, and jumps out of the ship with Gail, which is the beginning of her adventure.
Itchtake is only thirteen, and probably never expected to be thrown into any important position, let alone to destroy the world. Before all of this happened to her, she was your average girl, so long as you overlook the cross-dressing. She probably had a few crushes on her schoolmates, would have had people she was close friends with, and some who were her rivals. She would have been kind, though she's probably too serious to have been a real comedian. And above all, she would have dedicated herself to pleasing Yuki, since he is the only father she has ever known.
Now that she is lost to all she knew, she only fights to avenge all the people she loved who have died, most of all, she fights for her love of Yuki and Gail.


Gail Anyos             -We'll be friends
                                           until the end

Age: 14
Height: 5'5
Hair: Blue Black
Eyes: Blue
Relatives: unknown
Origins: Jirale

Gail was for the most part raised on the flying samurai ship, and was possibly Yuki's first student. Being raised as he was, he puts a high priority on honourable combat, friendship and strength.
Until he was around ten, Gail was the best fighter in the school, and was placed high among the other samurai boys- they respected him, and he had a lot of friends thanks to his easy-going manner. Then, he gets himself into a battle with Itchtake, and for the first time, he is defeated!
This serves as a bit of a shock for him, more so since he and Itchtake always used to argue and fight. I think that this makes him a bit curious about what makes Itch tick, so a friendship is formed- their arguing is replaced by friendly teasing, on both parts.
And some point during their friendship (or maybe even before they were friends- if Gail was the first student, then it's possible he would have known Itchtake was a girl before her disguise was put in place), he finds out that she's a girl- the only one in the whole school. He's a bit protective of her for this, even though when push comes to shove, she can take care of herself!
Gails friendship and protective instincts for Itchtake are what end up saving him. He follows her when the ship is attacked, and she ends up bringing him with her on her fall to the surface. Out of Finlanders clutches. Since then, Gail follows her and helps her in her quest as best he can, as best as anyone can for the person they love.


Yuki Yarla                   -Out of your mind bent on revenge,
                                       to think I once called you my friend

Age: 45
Height: 6'2
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Relatives: Itchtake Karees, Jess Karees
Origins: Jirale

Yuki is a catalyst in Jirale, and the deeper we go into the story, the more his presence is going to be felt. He's Itchtake's Father, and when they were younger, him and Finlander were good friends.
Kinda funny, since Finlander is now his greatest enemy. Or was.
Even though Yuki dies in the first chapter, like some other dead characters he gets lots of flashbacks and ghost scenes. He is a mentor and guide to Itchtake even after death.
Yuki was the principle of a samurai training school for a very long time, about fifteen years. Probably not much longer though, because Gail Anyos, who is 14, was one of his first students. All his students are like his children, but Gail and Itchtake are strongest in his heart.
Ten years before his death, Yuki returned to his house to find his wife -Jess- dead. In the cradle nearby, he finds his daughter Itchtake. From what he said though, it sounds like this may have been his first time seeing her, even though she's three years old. Not knowing what to do with a little girl, he tries to enrol her in boarding schools, but she is too violent and picks fights. At last, in desperation he puts her in his own school, where she has to dress as boy.
This is probably for the best, because then they will have a bond, and she won't grow up alone.


Finlander                   -I must admit when so inclined
                            I tend to lose it than confront my mind

Age: 34
Height: 5'9
Hair: Black and red
Eyes: Red
Relatives: the King of Sail
Origins: Sail

In the beginning of Jirale, Finlander seems to be an extremely cold-hearted, bastard of a villain. But every now and then he seem to let something slip...a phrase, a hint, of something that happened in his past. It's going to take a long time for his whole story to come out.
And his story is a sad one.

Finlander may appear to wish nothing but death to Jirale, but he has his motives. At the start, he didn't want to destroy Jirale, merely to conquer it in the name of his King; his cousin, his brother.
It is thanks to his royal status that Finlander managed to attain such a high place, as general of the Sail army, but he wouldn't have been given that position at all were he not talented, and he is. Yuki did not even manage to defeat him in battle, but the question is, would he have if Itchtake hadn't distracted him? A guilt she is going to carry for a long time...
But despite Yuki being distracted, he didn't manage to push Finlander back beforehand...only Itchtake did. Could that be why he seeks her death so fervently? Or is there some other reason for his anger?
Finlander is meant to come off as a very unstable character, insane in fact. He has lost his reason over the years, and has changed drastically, in part because of something which seems to be Yuki's fault.


Cheng-I                  -The demi-gods and hungry ghosts,
                                             god, god knows I'm not at home

Age: 21
Height: 5'6
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Relatives: David
Origins: Gemma

Cheng-I is one of the more serious of the scavengers, next to Gorrec. She's also undoubtedly the best fighter out of them, and tends to take on scout duty a lot. She usually fights with her daggers, although they're not the only weapon she can use well.

Cheng joined the scavengers with her twin brother, David, when they were about twelve years old. They had been wandering the streets before that, orphans, and it is unknown what happened to their parents. Cheng was always looking out for David when they bumped into Gorrec, who took pity on them, and took them into his care along with Yukari.

Cheng and David were very close during their years on the streets, but after they joined the hunters, they both drifted a little. David became one of 'the jokers' hanging out mostly with Seth and Yukari, while Cheng is more Gorrec's second in command. If anything ever happened to Gorrec, it would probably be her who would take control, even though she isn't the oldest.

Cheng has a horrible temper, and when she gets angry, she is an even more deadly fighter. Anything could set her off, especially lately. She seems to get along well with Itchtake, since for a long time she hasn't had any non-goofy female company, and I think she needed a friend a bit more like herself.


Kouri                      -You've laid your trip upon me now
                                                 won't you take me with you?

Age: Unknown
Height: 6'11 (but I must be drawing him 6" otherwise he'd be taller than Chi even...oO;)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Relatives: Kouri?
Origins: Heaven?

Kouri, obviously, isn't human. He is what the Jiraliens call an 'angel', and only they have real knowledge about angels, excluding scholars from other countries.
He is tossed into the story thanks to Gail, and even though he may seem to only be likely to be in the story for a chapter or so, he is actually one of the permanent characters.
Being an angel is emphasized by the presence of two giant black wings on Kouri's back, and the fact that he has certain powers. Also, angels are forbidden to fight.
Because Kouri has never really walked the world before falling in with Itchtake, he doesn't have much knowledge of it aside from what he's heard from ushering in the dead. He's light-hearted and funny, liking to make jokes, and he doesn't take much seriously. He's always smiling, which is why it's so easy to see if something concerns him or bothers him.
Kouri has been ushering in the dead for what could be centuries, and most of his personality has developed thanks to the dead he met (he talks a bit about a girl he met who rubbed off on him with her 'oi's' and heavy metal).
And like all Kouri's, he's a child of Kourigami, but you'll have to keep reading the story to find out more about that.
When traveling with Itchtake and Cheng, Kouri becomes very close to both of them, and it isn't so much his promise to Gail as his love for them that keeps him with the two, and keeps him giving himself to help them.