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Jirale is the most powerful god...but there isn't much known about It. It has no body, but can take a form. The story is named after the god Jirale, not the country of Jirale. He didn't make the world, he is the incarnation of life itselfm but only the Jiraliens (who carry It's name), even remember It's existence. It seems to have taken a particular interest in Itchtake, which is why It looks out for her.


Jess Karees

Age: 33 (when she died)
Hair: Mahogany Brown
Eyes: Brown
Known Relatives: Itchtake Karees, Yuki Yarla
Origins: Jirale (Mother), Sail (Father)
Personality: Little is known about Jess, since she only had two pages, and isn't likely to have much more than a flashback sequence in the future. She is Itchtake's mother, and has both Jiralien and Sail relatives, which is why she helped the soldier in the first chapter


Upcoming Characters

Karisea (n/a)

Kate (n/a)

Randall (n/a)