Gorrec                       -Too many big decisions
                                             no more time to play

Age: 29
Height: 5'8
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Relatives: N/A
Origins: Gemma

Gorrec is the leader of the scavengers, and accepts all responsibility for them. He was the one who, one by one, collected them and took care of them, you could even say he helped to raise them. Especially considering that most of them were no older than ten at the time.
Gorrec himself was very young when he started his band (though I can't say what age for sure, Elise hasn't written it down anywhere). That gave him a great deal of trouble and responsibility at a young age, which explains why he is such a silent, strong individual.
Gorrec is also fairly intelligent, having travelled areas of Jirale, and possibly Sail. He knows the terrain he brings his group to very well. He has certain villages where they have haunts, and set up camp for more permanent times- especially during tricky weather, and wintertime.
He is closest to Cheng, who is a lot like him in personality, excluding the fact that she has a bad temper. She looks up to Gorrec as a role model, and I think she might be his favourite out of the scavengers, though, maybe he has no favourites. He doesn't seems the type to choose between his friends...
The last thing Gorrec would ever want to see is one of his friends dying.


Yukari                        - Unchain yourself she said
                                                and tie yourself to me

Age: 18
Height: 5'4
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Relatives: Unknown
Origins: Gemma

Yukari, the last of the jokers. Sometimes I think it is her who should be David's sister, and not Cheng! They hang around each other more, and tease each other incessantly- though Yukari might have the advantage there, she's the brains behind the scavengers, and it shows. Even if she does play the ditzy girl well.
Yukari speaks all three languages of Jirale (although, thats not really what the continent is called, I'm betting), meaning she speaks Gemmian, Jiralien and Sail. Her first language is Gemmian, since that is where she was born, and she's not too great with Jiralien.
She's been with the scavengers for a long time- she was found by Gorrec even before Cheng and David. Yukari isn't just smart, but as one of the scavengers, she's been taught to fight, and can beat Seth in sword combat. She can probably beat David too.
Yukari seems to like Itchtake more than the other scavengers, probably because some talkative female company must be hard to find.
One of the most important things about Yukari is, however, her affection for Seth. They are deeply in love, and have been together for some time, and even though Seth is seven years older than her, they are a wonderful couple. Surprisingly, Seth is still a big joker and kinda immature for his age, but he can also be very caring and considerate, which is why Yukari is attracted to him.
If Elise does write a prelude to Jirale, I would very much like to find out more about their relationship.


Seth                            -You've given me a true love
                                  and every day I thank you love        

Age: 25
Height: 5'9
Hair: Gold blonde
Eyes: Brown
Relatives: N/A
Origins: Gemma

Seth is one of the three jokers in the scavengers. He's funny in a boyish way, especially liking slapstick humour and teasing. Of course, normally, he's the one being teased.....
Seth's been with the scavengers for a long time, even though he was the last one to be added to their happy little family. He was brought into their group after he pick-pocketed Gorrec, and then was beat up by Cheng. Gorrec took pity on the young boy (he was only about 12 at the time), and brought him into the group, where he became close friends with all of them, especially David, and ESPECIALLY Yukari, who he is in love with.
It isn't made clear how long he and Yukari have been a couple, but they are very serious about each other, and they are very cute together.
He is so in love with her, that he would die for her. He cares about nothing more than he cares about her, and it shows (though I would have liked to get into their relationship a bit more in the comic). They constantly tease and poke fun at each other, and with David, the three are a constant nuisance to the other scavengers, though a loved nuisance.


David                        -But what I'm not allowed to have
                                                           I never could refuse

Age: 22
Height: 5'6
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Relatives: Cheng-I
Origins: Gemma

David is a scavenger, and one of 'the jokers'. The jokers are the three scavenger who play tricks on each other, and the other scavengers, and they usually lighten the moods by making stupid jokes. Out of them, David's the one who really disregards a situation. He'll make jokes about anything that happens.

Adopted around the age of twelve by Gorrec, David and Cheng-I (his twin sister) were two of the first scavengers in the group. David fights well, usually using a machete (not that you see much of it in the comic), although not so well as his sister.

Before joining the scavengers, David and Cheng-I prowled the streets, since their parents were either dead or had kicked them out. David relied heavily on Cheng, since she was much more serious and street smart. When they became scavengers, they became more involved in their separate lives, but they still love each other and take care of each other.