Elise Haskell


My name's Elise Haskell, I'm 17, I live in Toronto... I write Jirale, my cat's name is Kaitty.


 K- .......Wow. In depth. o.O;;


Katherine Verhoeven


I have been described as frighteningly perky. I believe it.

(insert evil laughter here)

I live in Canada, and have for all my life, excluding the insane year of 2000-2001. I have an older sister, who is strange, and my best friend.

Not to say that I donít have other friends. Sheís just to weirdest, and thus most nifty.

I am 16, and will be hitting the streets soonÖpedestrians beware!! Iíd rather be biking though. But I donít have a bike.

I started Jirale more than a year ago, while I was in Australia, since Iíd been getting Elise to send me her stories so I wouldnít die of boredom (Back then I didnít over-work myself with web-pages, commissions, and I wasnít in school). She sent me Jirale, and the first paragraph asked if anyone was willing to illustrate it....

I figured it would be fun if I drew this comic for Elise. I could draw, right?? (Gah, I think back then I was in over my headÖif you could see the original pages!! Next time I introduce new characters into the series, Elise gets to see their designs first to clear up any mistakes I make. Actually, on the cover page of the comic Ėthe coloured one- thatís the way Itchtake's hair was for the first two pages, but I had to white out over top of it, Ďcause she had to look like a boy. I knew a bit about making web-pages, so I figured, heck, if Iím gonna do this, might as well make it a web-comic too! I swear, I was in it for recognition only. Now I just do it for fun, getting into the top of every list out there isnít so important to me.

Jirale itself has become a bit of an obsession. My friends think Iím a bit of a workaholic, and Iím always talking about Jirale- my favourite parts, the parts I hate, maybe getting it published, a picture I have plannedÖanything. I wonder if they think Iím nuts? For the most part theyíve got no clue what Iím talking about. Mary and I can go on for a long time about it though (Mary is my sister).

Aside from Jirale, some stuff about me:

I love cats. I will grow old to live with hundreds of them. I donít like dogs much.

I will eat anything, but thank god, have a metabolism to make up for it.

I actually LIKE team sports.

Orange is my favourite colour.

I want to be able to watercolour like CLAMP, CG like the person who does the Gorblimey site, ink like the dude behind ĎBlade of the Immortalí, and create stories to top them all.

I really am a dork. But I think itís cool.

Am prone to attacks of ditzy-ness. God help me.


I like cheese.


And That Concludes Our Sideshow.